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Summer Internship 2018 Clinical and Counselling Psychology at UIBS means getting intensive and extensive training in various aspects of psychology. The key components of Summer Internship at UIBS are as follows (for no additional cost):

  1. Internship begins with an orientation program.
  2. It involves posting of interns at 7 to 8 clinical set-up such as Psychological Clinic, Mental Disability Sector, drug de-addiction centres, centres dealing with street children, terminal illness, under privileged children, corporate CSR, Learning Disability etc.
  3. It involves training in various segments and conducting workshops and working with children and adults with various psychological concerns
  4. It involves hands on experience with and training of various psychological tests like GDT, DST, VSMS, MISIC, WAPIS, SSCT, ADHDT, 16PF etc.
  5. It includes around 14 guest lectures and talks from external faculties on various topics such as forensics, drug De-addiction, relationship counselling, counselling skills, sexuality education, internet addiction, graphology etc.
  6. It involves classes on case history taking, MSE, child and Adult Pathology etc.
  7. It includes teaching basics of various therapeutic modalities such as CBT, Behaviour Modification, Psychoanalysis, Existential and Humanistic therapies and many more
  8. Several roles plays and case discussions to build upon one’s Counselling skills
  9. Workshops on Rorschach Inkblot Test, TAT, NeuroPsychology, Signature Analysis and Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) at 20% discount  for interns.
  10. Other than that following content will be covered in Internship

The entire internship programme is broken down into the following components:

Part I

  • Adult History Taking
  • Child History Taking
  • Mental Status Examination

Part II

Focuses on understanding the dynamics underlying psychopathology

  • Adult psychopathology like anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, alcohol and substance Abuse disorders, Personality Disorders etc
  • Child psychopathology like ADHD, SLD, Autism spectrum disorders, Selective mutism, Behavioral problems and other emotional and behavioral disorders etc.
  • Focuses on therapeutic plan and management of these above mentioned disorders. Interns shall also be made clear with the fundamentals of Basic principles underlying therapy,
  • CBT, Behavior Modification, special education, Occupational Therapy etc.

Part III

Focuses on psychological testing and report making. Interns shall be taught BASICS of the following tests:

  • 16PF, ADHD, SLD,
  • Rating scales like Y-BOCS, BDI, PANS

After successful completion of the internship program, the interns shall be given certificate for the same. They will also be given a letter specifying in detail, the skills and the concepts well learnt by the intern.

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Summer Internhsip 2018

1 Month Summer Internship July 2018, 1 Month Summer Internship June 2018, 1 Month Summer Internship May 2018

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  1. Isha Sharma

    The internship with Unique institute of behavioural sciences was very amazing and i personally had the wonderful experience, me and my batchmates liked the internship very much.internship consists of all the new ideas and everything was very interesting, me and my friends feel like second home at the ups clinic,Atul sir and gagan mam were very helping and innovative as well as very understanding also, with them i personally feel very positive and enthusiastic .love u mam and sir.

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