10 Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy in Times of Lock Down & Corona Virus

Interclean Amsterdam Coronavirus updatesHumans have often enjoyed far freer life than other creatures on earth and thus are naturally inclined to see a situation of lock down as some punishable tough time making us feel sad, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, lonely, bored, confused and with very few feeling calm. And in tough times like these, gloom, anxiety, depression seem to quietly seep in reducing not just our will to live but also negatively affect our immune system to fight against invisible viruses. Thus, creating a need to make a well-being plan for not just ourselves but also for our families. Below are 10 tips that one can follow to stay happy, positive and immune to stress generated by lock down & corona virus:

  • Maintain a Routine:

    Follow a routine or make a more balanced constructive one. Try and get up early, sleep on time and maintain a healthy sleep wake cycle

  • Exercise:

    Exercise daily at home, stretch your body, do yoga as exercise is known to keep you fit and releases endorphins and serotonin, which is likely to keep one physically healthy and mentally fit.

  • Dress up:

    Dress up, keep yourself pepped up and involve your children in daily chores so that there is a sense of shared responsibility and a family plan, which reduces stress level and keeps us all united and connected

  • Socialize:

    Socialize, interact, chat, laugh, talk, play and stay connected online with family, friends, relatives and colleagues as it keeps us happy and takes away loneliness and despair. Share and express what, how and why you feel and suggest things that can keep us more positive, hopeful and happy.

  • Stay Creative:

    Try and now do all those things that you always wanted to do thinking that someday you will have some time. Engage in some creative activity daily or inculcate a meaningful hobby that you thoroughly enjoy and engrosses you completely. It could be as simple as singing, dancing, playing puzzles, writing, cooking, baking, etc.

  • Write Emotive Diary:

    Engage in emotive dairy writing, where before going to bed, you pen down all that you felt happy, not so happy about. Also write gratitude dairy and think of all the things that today you are thankful about.

  • Pray & Meditate:

    Try to meditate. Take out some time for prayer every day. Prayers instil and fuel hope, keep us calm, positive and remind us of that supernatural power that has, is and shall always continue to protect us.

  • Re-innovate:

Re-innovate the way you live and work. Continue to learn at least one new thing every day and share it with your family and friends.

  • Create Happy Times: 

Engage in at least one fun-filled activity with your family members daily. Play a game and try to be a kid with your kids. Start playing little games like ludo, snakes and ladders, cards, hide and seek and what not.

  • Be Resilient:  

Develop a never give up attitude. Use positive affirmations that tell the world that YOU ARE HERE TO STAY.  

More Importantly REMEMBER not everything has been locked down. In fact, the most precious things in the world are still very close to you, be it your kids, family, yourself, some time to pray, laugh, hope and most importantly the CHOICE TO BE HAPPY. Whenever I really feel low and everything around seems worthless, I always remind myself that –NO MATTER WHAT, YOU MATTER.

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