15+ Careers in Psychology

15+ Careers in Psychology

15+ Careers in Psychology

What is Psychology?

As soon as the word “Psychology” pops up, people assume that it’s about reading the mind or venting out in front of someone. Some even consider themselves a Psychologist because they are good at giving advices and people seek them in their tough times.

However, Psychology is much more than that. Those who are in this field know that Psychology is an art and it is a science and even philosophy. Psychology aims to explain, predict, control and modify behaviour as well as mental processes.


Personality Characteristics of a Psychologist

If you are one of those persons who can listen to people patiently, If you feel satisfied when you end up helping someone, if you are sensitive towards humanity and being social and creative is your assest, Psychology might be the right career path for you.


Where can you apply Psychology?

Psychology is a vast area. Wherever you look, you can find psychology in that area. Why? Because where there is Life, there is Psychology. Because of this vast scope of  Psychology, there is a number of sub-fields and specializations that come under this broad major. So, If you are thinking of doing a majors in Psychology, it is essential that you have the knowledge of the specializations and sub fields that come under it. This helps a person to choose better that which area suits him/her the best.


Careers in Psychology

Here, we highlight a list of careers or options that one may choose after doing a Master’s in Psychology as per their interest:


  • Career or Vocational Counsellor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Counseling Psychologist
  • School Counselor
  • Special Education
  • Forensic/Criminal Psychologist
  • Researcher
  • Teaching Faculty in Psychology
  • Child Psychologist
  • Organisational Psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Art Therapist
  • Community Counselor
  • Environmental Psychologist
  • Family and Marriage/Relationship Counsellor
  • Medical/Health Counsellor


Who can apply?

If you wish to choose any of the above mentioned career, there is a minimum eligibility that is needed for all :

A master’s degree in Psychology/Counseling Psychology/Clinical Psychology/Applied Psychology.  * As per the field you want to choose.

One can pursue this Master’s degree either on a Regular basis or even by distance learning.


For those who wish to do a Master’s in Psychology, must have a graduation degree at least to pursue the course.

However, some colleges require a B.A/B.Sc in Psychology to pursue M.A/M.sc in Psychology.



# Those who wish to become an educator in this field and earn a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) in Psychology, must aim for UGC NET/JRF.

Visit https://nta.ac.in for more information regarding RCI

# Those who wish to work as a licensed clinical psychologist and have their private practice, must aim for M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from an RCI recognized University. 

Visit rehabcouncil.nic.in for more information regarding RCI


Since there is a lot of competition in this emerging area, one can use the help of coaching to prepare for the entrance exams of M.A/M.Sc Psychology. For more details, Visit Psychology Coaching


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