50-70 % Psychology Students give Wrong Definition of Psychology

Conceptual Clarity is Must to Crack the M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam—-

If your preparing for the M. Phil Clinical Psychology entrance then you must have conceptual clarity about the psychology. Unfortunately when I asked the Definition of Psychology to our different interns and trainee, I got wrong defniton of psychology most of the time.  Most Students responded that Psychology is the Study of Human Mind. The correct defniton is

Psychology is the science of human and animal behavior,it includes the application of this science to human problems.

  • Psychology as Science: A science is a body of systematized knowledge that is gathered by carefully observing and measuring events. Scientific theories are general principles which summarize many observations and predict what can be expected to happen in new situations.
  • What is Behavior: Behavior includes anything a person or animal does that can be observed in some way.Psychologists can and do make interference about the feelings, attitudes, thoughts, and other mental processes which may be behind the behavior. Psychology as ‘The science of behavior’ includes , what a person does-his/her behavior- is the avenue through which internal mental events can be studied.
  • Application of Psychology: Psychology is often used to solve ” real – life” problems.

We do not study the mind that is abstract term and cant not be observed that is why it has been dropped from definition long back.

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Atul Verma – M. Phil Clinical Psychology (IHBAS- Delhi-2007)


Reference- Morgan & King – Introduction of Psychology

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  1. Useful info, thanks for sharing. Please share few more tips to crack M. Phil clinical psychology Entrance exam.

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