15+ Careers in Psychology
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15+ Careers in Psychology

15+ Careers in Psychology What is Psychology? As soon as the word “Psychology” pops up, people assume that it’s about reading the mind or venting out in front of someone. Some even consider themselves a Psychologist because they are good at giving advices and people seek them in their tough times. However, Psychology is much […]

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Online Psychology Coaching – Now Distance Won’t Stop You

Hello Psychology Students Join our all coaching classes of BA, MA, M.Phil and UGC NET Psychology online live on your Smart Phones, iPad and Laptops from anywhere in India and abroad. Save your time, money and effort of coming to classroom. To watch online recorded class click below  Experience Online class, join our demo class register free […]

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MA Psychology Admission Notifications

Join UIBS Coaching for M.A. Entrance Preparation  Opting for majors in psychology will help the individual develop various psychological skills and gain a deeper understanding of human mind, behavior and abnormalities. The individual after completing the masters will be able to learn to foresee, cognize and evaluate the human behavior using various approaches in psychology […]