Courses other than M.Phil to get Registration from RCI as Clinical Psychologist

Atul Verma-Clinical Psychologist-UIBS

Many times Clinical Psychology aspirants ask me what or the other ways to get RCI Certificate other than M.Phil in Clinical Psychology. They have many questions in mind but dint get proper answers I will try to answer all the questions..In case if you any other question just put it in comment section or call me at 9899375790. Hope you will get all answer here:


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Q. Can we get RCI certificate directly without M.Phil? :

Ans. No as if now RCI is not giving any certificate to practice as a Clinical Psychologist.

Q. Can there is any other short term RCI Clinical Psychology courses? :

Ans. yes there is course from last few years few institution are running RCI recognized one year Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology any one with PG in Psychology can apply for the same. this list of the institutions are given below. 

Q. Can I get RCI certificate after P.hD.? :

Ans. No P.hD is an academic degree which focuses only on one research topic during the course so after P.hD you can not practice as Clinical Psychologist as you are not exposed to different kind and mental health problems and you are not trained in diagnosing and treating people with metal health problems even if your topic is from clinical filed.
But there a RCI Course called PsyD that is equivalent to P.hD degree, in that you will trained as clinical psychologist first for two years and after that in last 2 years you will do research on selected topic and after that you will get RCI registration as Clinical Psychologist.  Instution for the same is give below.

Q. Can I do M.Phil part time or in distance mode?:

Ans. No there is no one in the world or there is no course in the world that makes you learn patient handling, diagnosing and treating people online or through correspondence as it is not possible. How can a treating doctor or surgeon or psychiatrist learn these  skills online. Bottom line is there no RCI registered M.Phil Clinical Psychology.


  • Institution for Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology & PsyD.
TL003 Sweekar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences,  Upkaar Complex,   Upkaar Circle, Picket, Secunderabad, Telangana – 500 003 Tel.No.- 040 – 27843338  Fax.- 040-27810731 E-mail : Website: P.D.(Cl.Psy.)







2013-14 & 2014-15,  2015-16, 2016-17 2017-18 to 2019-20


2013-14, 2014-15,     2015-16 & 2016-17 2017-18 to 2019-20

UP017 Amity Institute of Behavioural (Health) & Allied Sciences (AIBHAS), Amity University, Amity Campus, Sector -125, Plot No. 4, Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida-, E-mail:-    Tel. No.:-  0120-2431859, 4392000 Fax: 0120 – 2431870 P.D.(Cl.Psy.)





2015-16, 2016-17 &      2017-18


2016-17 to 2017-18


Atul Verma – Clincial Psychologist



30 thoughts on “Courses other than M.Phil to get Registration from RCI as Clinical Psychologist”

  1. What I know for pg diploma in clinical psychology will give you a RCI license for associate clinical psychologist that is I guess you have to work under a clinical psychologist but not solely as a clinical psychologist

    1. Dear Rashmi Behera

      You are right they will be registered as Clinical Psychologist (Associate). They can practice independently but they cant teach/training/supervise.

      I quoting the RCI Website

      “The Clinical Psychologists (Associate) are distinguished from the M.Phil qualified Clinical Psychologist. The later are full fledged professionals with higher level of competency and responsibility in service, academic and research areas; whereas Clinical Psychologists (Associate) by the nature and duration of their training are consider not fully adept to function as an academician. They are, however, considered competent enough to involve in a broad range of professional service activities. The clinical psychologist (Associate) will be us ed as an under-fill class for existing clinical psychologist positions under state and central government sectors. However, the role in such appointments are limited only for providing clinical services to clients with mental illness and does not involve independent responsibilities in academic activities such as teaching/training/guiding/supervising students of clinical psychology at the academic departments. In these activities Diploma qualified may be assigned roles of Clinical Assistant and/or Teaching Assistant or Junior Consultant as deemed fit in teaching/training centers.”

      1. Are these the only two colleges with Diploma in Clinical Psychology which can get us an RCI license?
        Are there any entrance exams for these courses?

  2. I am graduate in engineering. Can I apply for M.Phil directly ? Or I will have to do graduation in psychology first?
    Can distance education Master in psychology from IGNoU will work ?

    1. You have to be PG in Psychology with at least 55% of marks, doing regular Post Graduation will be good. Distance mode is not a good idea as few institute don’t take Correspondence PG Psychology students.

  3. Hi Mr.Atul,

    Iam a gradute in Science and then did my M.Sc.( Applied Psychology) from GJUS & T hissar.Then did my B ED ( LD) from Vision Institute Faridabad.How can i get register with RCI

    1. If you have done B.Ed from RCI registered institute then will get certificate special educator. If you want to register as clinical psychologist you have to do M.Phil In Clinical Psychology or Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology or PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

  4. Sir how hard is to get admission in the RCI recognised college for MPhil clinical psychology and how much pay a student can expect after finishing the MPhil

    1. Competition is tough as seats are few in different institutions specially in government colleges, but with good preparation you can get the seat. in private sector starting is around 30 no 50 on an average, in government setup you can get 50 to 1 Lakh depending on you post type of job. You can also go for private practice where there is no limitation. Earning also depends on you ability and expertise also.

  5. Hi I am shwetha, my husband has studied in clinical pyshcology. He has working experiencence, in kuvempu university college has lecturer for 5years and has a clinical pshycologist at Manasa Nursing home for 6years , even he was working has carrer counsellor in online job at “YOUR DOSt” online job n guest visitor in District Health Department has counsellor in colleges and industries for 3years. currently working has a campus pyshcologist in esteemed institution INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE Bangalore.
    can u help him to get good job guidence in abroad and career giudence to learn M.fil to ger RCE recognistion.

    1. Hello Shwetha
      Your husband can apply to different countries as they announce post there, but for that he has to comply their rules and regulation and selection process as each country has different process of evaluations. You can get details from respective countries website. Here in India RCI provide licence for clinical psychologist and rehabilitation psychologist. For rehabilitation psychologist, RCI previously use to issue the licence to those who has at least of 5 years of experience or completed M.Phil in Rehabilitation Psychology. I think he can apply for RCI licence as he has 5 years experience please check with RCI.
      For M.Phil in clinical psychology he has to do regular 2 years M.Phil Clinical Psychology course recognised by RCI or 4 year PsyD recognised by RCI. To get licence of Clinical Psychologist Associate he has to complete one year professional diploma in clinical psychology. But after diploma you can teach the M.Phil Students but you can practice.

  6. Hi, my name is Pratibha. I have completed my graduation in Psychology from Bangalore university (Direct mode) and my Post Graduation in Psychology from Annamalai university through Distance mode. I have done my B.Ed (Spl.Ed) from RCI recognized Tamil Nadu Open University for which have a CRR no. as a special educator, Other than that, I hold a diploma in Early childhood care and Education, from IGNOU. I work as the Principal in a leading Special school. If I take up 1 year of Diploma course in Clinical Psychology in IGNOu, will I allowed to take up psychological assessments for my children. I am already doing the informal tests as a special educator?

    1. One year diploma will give licence of clinical psychologist associate. You can do the assessment of your children. The only restriction is you can not work as faculty for Clinical Psychology Program. But You can practice.

  7. Sir can I do post graduate diploma in clinical psychology through distance mode am in Mumbai and course in working under a psychiatrist and psychologist in hospital practical knowledge I can get it from them pls advise

    1. hello
      Lakshmi you can do professional diploma in clinical psychology by distance mode as it is full time regular mode because they teach how to treat and assess the clients that is not possible through online mode.

  8. Hi …..I did my graduation in applied psy from DU and masters in applied psy from jamia. I m Ph. D in psychology from utksl univ. I am working as a guest faculty in a univ plus counsellor there. I have a plan to have my own clinic. I want rci registration.How is it possible.

    1. Hello Shashi

      You can get RCI registration as a clinical psychologist after completing the 2 Year full time M.Phil Clinical Psychology program or PsyD from RCI approved institute. Other option is you can do full time Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology from RCI approved institute.

      You can get RCI registration as a rehabilitation Psychologist after completing the 2 Year full time M.Phil rehabilitation psychology program.

      for rci registered institution visit their site that is

  9. sir, I have done my graduation in science stream and now doing MA in Psychology from IGNOU. can I get admission in MPhil from rci approved institute? Can you tell which institute I can apply to?

    1. Dear Harsha
      Yes you can get admission in M.Phil. you can apply to any institution of your choice. We will update our sites with details of the institution soon.

  10. Sir, I have done my M.A psychology in child mental health in Kuvempu University through distance education, I did my internship in Manasa mental health shivomagga,now presently working as a school counselor,can I open counseling centre ,or is it required any RCI certificates

  11. respected Sir,
    i wanted to ask how can i get a license in clinical psychology in inida. i am pursuing PhD in psychology and wish to practise in future. what are the ways i can make myself skilled enough to practise and also get a license.

    1. Dear Namita you have complete your M.Phil Clinical Psychology from RCI approved Institute to get the licence to practice.

  12. sir, i’ve completed my MA in psy. now i am looking for the course of professional diploma in clinical psy. what are the institutions that are offering this course and are reg with RCI and can i do practice further? what are the limitations of Prof. diploma?

    1. Dear Nikita
      You can do Professional diploma in CLinical Psychology Amity university has the that diploma. you can practice after that as you will get licence as Clinical Psychologist Associate. But you can teach in MPhil students after completing that diploma. D If you have time go for M.Phil Clinical PSychology instead of Diploma.

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