1 Week Psychology Internship

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Think Beyond Books Internship Programs

Key highlights

*Supporting Theoretical Classes *Logical Explanations *Opportunity to Question and Learn *Concept Clarity *Supervised Online Training *Exposure to real life cases *Imparting Skills *Role Plays *Exposure to Different Therapies *Assessments *Field visits/Posting *Ethical Practice *Flexibility to choose days & Time *Best Intern Award at 90+ Score


Mode of Conduction Video Classes  Live Classes Reading Material  Quiz,Assignment /Field Visit Total Hours 
Duration  4 hours 30 Min 6 Hours  7 Hours  8 hours 30 Min 26


Live Classes Monthly Schedule
Live Class Topic Days Time Faculty
1 Adult & Child Case History Taking Skills Monday 2pm to 4pm Ms.Gagandeep  Kaur
2 Psychological Assessment process Monday 6pm to 8pm Mr. Atul Verma
3 Client handling Skills Tuesday 2pm to 4pm Ms. Gagandeep Kaur
  • 3 live Classes – in a week
  • Mandatory to attend live classes
  • Always use this Link to attend live classes – https://meet.google.com/ymu-vfqz-uir
  • Total Points 50 – (Online test -30, Submission – 10, Attendance – 10)


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