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UIBS provide unique combination of practice skills and knowledge to interns so that they learn skills and contribute back to society as skilled professionals. After completion of the internship interns will get certificate and support if they want to work for the society.

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DurationTopic Covered
1 WeekOrientation to internship, Understanding Mental Helth Issues, Basics of Assessment & Counselling Skills, Case Handling
15 Days 1 Week Internship + Detailed Case History and MSE, Understanding Childhood Disorders, Adult Disorders and Management. Case Handling
1 Month
2 Weeks Internship + Planning Assessment (Projective / Objective / Semi Projective / IQ Assessment etc) of Children and Adult and Planning the Management of common child hood and adult disorder. Creating awareness program and implementing the same. Exploring one self to be better psychologist. Case Handling
2 Month 1 Month + Understanding Different Models of Counselling \ Psychotherapy: CBT, DBT, MET, Humanistic, and Indian Approaches for treatment and executing them in real situations. Create programs for different population and implementing them. Finding own way of working. Case Handling
3 Month2 Months Internship + Working in the area one’s interest and creating program for the same and implementation. Working upon one self for better understanding of others. Woking on cases regularly.
Online Internship

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