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Research Method & Statistics

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Research: Meaning, Purpose, and Dimensions. Research problems, Variables and Operational Definitions, Hypothesis, Sampling. Ethics in conducting and reporting research
Paradigms of research: Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed methods approach Methods of research: Observation, Survey [Interview, Questionnaires], Experimental, Quasi-experimental, Field studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Phenomenology, Grounded theory, Focus groups, Narratives, Case studies, Ethnography
Statistics in Psychology: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion. Normal Probability Curve. Parametric [t-test] and Non-parametric tests [Sign Test, Wilcoxon Signed rank test, Mann-Whitney test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Friedman]. Power analysis. Effect size
Correlational Analysis: Correlation [Product Moment, Rank Order], Partial correlation, multiple correlation. Special Correlation Methods: Biserial, Point biserial, tetrachoric, phi coefficient.
Regression: Simple linear regression, Multiple regression.
Factor analysis: Assumptions, Methods, Rotation and Interpretation.
Experimental Designs: ANOVA [One-way, Factorial], Randomized Block Designs, Repeated Measures Design, Latin Square, Cohort studies, Time series, MANOVA, ANCOVA. Single-subject designs.

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Farheen Mehboob
Posted 3 weeks ago
Students with a background in Science can benefit from the extensive study in Research Methodology.

All research paper topics are not equal, and you want to make sure you pick a good one before you begin writing. It will help you in both scientific and nonscientific fields.

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Posted 3 weeks ago
Very easy to understand

I had fear about research and stat but these videos are in Hindi and very easy to under stand this are very heplful for Hindi speaking people.

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