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Handwriting analysis course in delhi

Do you wish if something was there which can help you know that whether you should get into a business partnership with this person? Is my partner an honest and loyal person? Or whom to hire for the job position?

Many people enquire that is there as tool or technique to cater these questions without any psychometrics?

The answer is YES! Graphology.


Graphology is skill which assess the character, personality and nature of the individual with their handwriting. This art is being practiced since 400 years by the professionals. WOW! Right?

Now we will discuss some Frequently asked questions about GRAPHOLOGY.

Is it scientific?

Graphology Course

Yes! Handwriting is also known as brain writing. When an individual writes a note, the five stage procedure gets fired up which involves the cerebral cortex, then the thalamus, hypothalamus & limbic system, then the basil ganglia and brain stem, next the cerebellum & Spinal cord which sends the impulse to our hand. These parts of brain regulate fine motor control, aggression, temperament.


And no psychological assessment is 100 % accurate, but Graphology fares really well in being 94% accurate.

What all can be revealed through Graphology?

Graphology course in delhi

It reveals the true nature of the writer. Including honesty, temperament, intelligence, work drives, interpersonal aspects, communication style and lot’s more! It helps to determine whether to do business with the person, whom to marry, whom to hire and etc.

“My handwriting keeps changing, can you analyze people like me?”

Handwriting analysis classes

Yes, it can be analyzed. Generally there are traits in our personality that are fixed such as IQ , aptitudes, temperament , identity and some traits are variable like abilities, moods, beliefs, motivational levels and physical conditions which leads to change in our handwriting.

Can handwriting foretell future? is it more or less same like astrology?

Graphology course in Delhi

No, for astrology you need to have date, time, and place of birth of a person whereas, for Graphology you just need handwriting.

Can you tell if the writing is fake or not?

Yes, as one may fake a couple of lines but handwriting consists of number of elements like slant, pressure, zones etc.. it is impossible to fake all these aspects.

I want to pursue Graphology as a Career where this skill can be applied?

Best handwriting analysis

The Graphology is applied at various fields like

-Psychological counseling

-Personnel Selection


-Personal use like to determine life partner, whom to do business with etc.

Interesting! Right?

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Sanya Sharma

Master Trainer, Graphology

Unique Institute of Behavioral Sciences.

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  1. I am a doctorate in chemistry & i have also done P.G diploma in criminology & forensic science. I want to do graphology course. Pls send me the details of this.

    1. We have not decided yet, whenever we will announce will update on our website you an get the same info from our social media channel.

  2. I am a student of masters in psychology. I am keenly interested in learning graphology and want to do this course. When is the batch starting?

    1. There are two Batches per year
      February to April (Last Date of registration- 15 January, 2019)
      August to October (Last Date of registration- 15 June, 2019)

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