How to handle lockdown anxiety

Lockdown - The prison wala feeling

A lot of us may have mixed feelings about it. We feel anxious and isolated and at the same time secure that this restriction is a life saver, protecting us from a dreadful mahamari for which there is no cure. YET.
Changing TV channels to binge watching movies or series, flipping on the couch or sofa. This has become a normal day for most of us. Cursing our collective fate and feeling grateful at the same time that we don’t lack the basic necessities like many other poor Indians.
Trapped in flats with small balconies, tired of seeing the same faces at all times every day.
Some of us away from the safety of our homes, away y from the comfort of loved ones stranded in other cities.
Realising that work from home is a curse and missing office thinking it was way better.
Jeopardized daily routine. Having outdoor hobbies which are difficult to engage in.
Those with “work from home not possible” wale jobs speculating whether they will be paid or not. Stressing over possible financial problems.
Being hyperactive on social media discussing politics, economics and prophecies about this pandemic.
Realising how trivial our other problems are. Now we have a bigger giant problem a PANDEMIC. Realising how delicate human life is. Spiritual turmoil arising.
Suddenly when we were going about our daily lives something happens that has made us confront the fear of death. Made us realise how fragile human life is. Mankind that can go to the moon and explore the universe is unable to fights a virus. Realising how small and powerless we are.
Having a lot of time at our disposal. Feeling overwhelmed with emotions rushing in. Emotions, fears, neglected feelings all surfacing. Out of nowhere. All the work and activity that kept those nagging inner experiences at bay is not our shield anymore. The blissful denial and ignorance is over.
Some secretly feeling blessed that they got the much needed break and get away from the mundane routine and hectic work.
In such dreadful times, feeling ANXIOUS, INSECURE AND STRESSED is not unlikely.

The picture is so bleak. Can we do anything about this? A silver lining?
YES. There is. We can make the best of the time we have got. Easier said than done huh?
It’s not as difficult as we like to think it is.
So here is what we can do

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