IGNOU MA Psychology (MAPC) 1st Year Course Structure

IGNOU MA Psychology Course Structure 

IGNOU University follows a credit system to get MA Psychology degree of 2 years students have to complete 64 credits in which they have to complete 32 credits each year. One credit is equivalent to 30 hours of study. Following is the course and credit details of the 1sy year and 2nd year. 

First Year

Course Code Course Name Credit 
MPC 001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory4
MPC 002 Lifespan Psychology4
MPC 003Personality: Theories and Assessment4
MPC 004Advanced Social Psychology.4
MPC 005Research Methods4
MPC 006Statistics in Psychology4
MPCL 007Practicum in Experimental Psychology8

Each Course from MPC 001 to MPC 006 has Learning Material containing 4 Blocks have 4 units each units constants pages ranging from 20 to 40 on an average. Table represents the same 

Structure of Each Course (MPC 001 to MPC 006)Total Unit in 1 Block 
Block – 1 Unit-1 Unit-2Unit-3 Unit-44
Block – 2Unit-1Unit-2Unit-3 Unit-44
Block – 3Unit-1Unit-2Unit-3Unit-44
Block – 4Unit-1Unit-2Unit-3Unit-44
Total 4 Blocks 16 Units

MPCL 007 – Practicum in Experimental Psychology

This course has 8 practicals that have to be conducted in the psychology lab and students have to submit 5 tests in prescribed format. Students will be assessed by an internal examiner and external examiner. 

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