Important Topics M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance..

Dear Students

Profession of clinical psychologist is reputed one. And entrance examinations for the M.Phil Clinical Psychology is becoming competitive day by day. You have to give more time to study and have practice rigorously to compete with others. Here we have complied following must study topic for you.  You have to cover following must read topics.

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Most Important must study topics

  1. History & Schools of Psychology
  2. Biological bases of behavior
  3. Sensation
  4. Perception
  5. Emotions
  6. Motivation
  7. Thinking
  8. Language
  9. Intelligence

Others Topics that will come in the exam

  1. Clinical Psychology Topics
  2. Research Methods
  3. Statistics

Other Things that may come in entrance

  1. Social Psychology
  2. Developmental Psychology

Note: Understand the concept questions may not be direct.

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Atul Verma

M.Phil Clinical Psychology (IHBAS)

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