Personal Trainings

Individual Attention

If you want Individual attention from our instructor, you can choose any training we will provide one to one training to you.

Customize Training

If you have specific need for training for yourself you can choose specific training or you can ask us to customize it for you.

Learning @ Your Pace

Individualized training gives you the benefit of learning at your own pace, time and style. Contact us for the same.


You can learn assessment?

If you're interested in learning certain test and assessment like intelligence assessment, childhood disorders assessment, projective tests etc you can contact us we will help you out in learning the tools.

You can learn counselling / Therapies

You can learn with Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies, Handling ADHD, LD, Autism or any other therapies.


Want personal training?

If you want to have personal training at your convenience feel free to contact us