M.Phil Clinical Psychology and New Education Policy

Hello M.Phil Clinical Psychology Aspirant

I am receiving a number of calls and messages since morning about RCI Approved M.Phil Clinical Psychology in the context of the New Education Policy of Modi Government. Students are anxious and questioning the future of M.Phil Clinical Psychology / or as a Clinical Psychologist

Don’t Panic!

I want to assure you all that M.Phil Clinical Psychology is the only Professional Course in the field of psychology in India and there is no way that this will be scrapped in New Education Policy. I will explain why?

Nature of the Course

Lets understand how this course starts in any instuitute to understand why it cant be scrapped.

Role of RCI

  • The institution has to apply to RCI for the course with the certain prerequisites that they have to fulfill before approval.
  • Then RCI sends their supervisors to that institute to check that everything is perfect or not to start the course.
  • If the report of the supervisors is all ok then RCI Approve the course.

Role of New Education Policy

  • As M.Phil Clinical Psychology is a degree so as per law of the land it should be recognized by the Government of India, till this date accreditation body is UGC and now it will as per New Education Policy In which M.Phil degree is scrapped.
  • For Approval of the course, RCI has these criteria too for the approval of M.Phil Clinical Psychology.

Why it can’t be scrapped ?

  • It’s a only professionals course.
  • It’s different from a regular one-year university course

What can happen?

  • The only thing that can happen is the name of the degree M.Phil Clinical Psychology may change to some other name. This has a history too as earlier in the starting it was called a Diploma in Medical and Social Psychology then M.Phil in Medical & Social Psychology.
  • RCI will take care of nomenclature of the course

What you should do?

Keep preparing for the course dont panic!

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