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M phil clinical psychology coachingPsychology is a subject which is attracting many people because of different reasons. Some people find it quite interesting, some thinks psychology has good future and better job opportunity and so on. Because of these reasons students take admission in psychology, and competition for the entrance examination for the same is increasing as to make career in psychology you need at least PG In psychology. UIBS is the pioneer in MA Psychology Entrance Coaching for years.

Few universities offer BA & MA Psychology and few name it B.Sc and M.Sc Psychology, but both are equivalent. For admission in MA Psychology there is no compulsion to have psychology in graduation, but definitely you need to work hard to understand the basic concepts of psychology beforehand.

For admission in M.A. Psychology you are expected to know briefly about the following topics

Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Emotions, Motivation, Stress, Psychopathology, Abnormal Psychology, School Psychology, Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Neuropsychology, Biological Basis of Behaviour, Memory, Learning, Forensic Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy,  Organizational/Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality, Research Methodology and Statistics etc. 

We have online & offline modes for MA Psychology Entrance Coaching with mock tests, chapter tests, reading material designed by expert faculty.

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