M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Preparation TIPS

Dear Students

Many times students asked me question how to prepare for the different M.Phil Clinical Psychology entrance examination, to address that query, I have written following points hope that will help you all.

  1. You have to study all General Psychology like history, brain and behavior, Sensation and perception memory etc. choose any good general psychology book for that with whom you are comfortable for example Morgan & King. Remember to understand concepts, not just reading.
  2. Second area you should study is Research Methodology and Statistics with conceptual clarity otherwise answering questions will be difficult.
  3. Third thing one has to take up is Abnormal/Clinical Psychology basic concepts and understanding.
  4. Last but most important thing is practice just reading wont work, you have to check yourself with chapter and mock test that will prepare you for the entrance.

M.Phil Clinical Psychology Coaching

For any help and query please post your comment below

Atul Verma – M. Phil Clinical Psychology (IHBAS- Delhi-2007)


6 thoughts on “M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Preparation TIPS”

  1. Hello Sir
    Can you please guide regarding books and from where can i get mock test papers?
    From where can i get Chapter wise syllabus?

  2. respected sir \mam
    can u please provide some model paper for preparing m.phil clinical psychology entrance exam.

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