One Month Weekend Trainings

Duration- 1 Month Weekend 

This training is available in the Month of

  • January (Last date of registration 31 December)
  • March (Last of registration is 28 or 29 February)
  • July (Last of registration is 30 June)
  • September (Last of registration is 30 August)

Classes will on every Saturday 10 am to 1pm of a month

Addiction Counselling

Introduction to the concept of intoxication, substance use and abuse; dependence, withdrawal, tolerance and addiction; alcohol related disorders; other drugs such as—opioid dependence;; anxiolytic and hypnotic drug dependence; volatile substance abuse; its causes, psycho-social impact; management; treatment; rehabilitation; dealing with family members and secondary dependence.

Fee # INR 10000.00

Life Skills Training

Concept of life skills, details of all the life skills—empathy, self-awareness, communication, emotional coping, coping with stress, creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, inter-personal relationships, and problem solving skills; assessing them; designing life skill activities; implementing life skills as per the age of the child within a school setup.

Fee # INR 10000.00