Addiction Counselling



  • Supervised Training 
  • Focus on Practical Aspect
  • Quality Training
  • ​Guidance from RCI Registered Supervisor 


Addiction Counselling Training

Internet, Alcohol & Drug-De-addiction

Why Should I Join?

· Internet, alcohol & drug addiction is a growing concern among young children, adolescents and youth

· There are very few qualified and skilled people working in this field providing the right kind of services

· There are hardly any universities or institutes providing a genuine and a complete training in this much needed area.

· Most school counsellors face these concerns almost every day and find it quite challenging to deal with these issues at hand.

· The right kind of training in this area will equip you to work in a rehab centre or open up your own rehab clinic or a centre

· It shall open your door of employability in top schools, private universities and institution with a lucrative pay scale.

When can I Join

This training is available in the Month of

  • January (Last date of registration 31 December)
  • March (Last of registration is 28 or 29 February)
  • July (Last of registration is 30 June)
  • September (Last of registration is 30 August)

(Every Saturday 2pm to 5pm of a month)

Mode: Offline. Training at UPS centre only.

What will I Get

  •  Reading Material
  •  Practical Demo’s and role plays
  •  Opportunity to work in real time at our clinic
  •  Best Trainers training you
  •  Certificate both from UPS and Pearson

Course Content

  • Concept of experimentation, abuse, tolerance, withdrawal, & Addiction
  • Concept of internet addiction, alcohol and drug addiction
  • What is netiquettes
  • Glimpse of children, adolescence and adults and their online world
  • How much is too much
  • Who is prone to addiction
  • Risk factors that make one vulnerable for addiction
  • Types of Internet Addiction—Cyber Relationship addiction, Net compulsion, Cyber Sex addiction
  • Impact of each of these on our psyche
  • Cyber Bullying, Social net-working and Abuse
  • Where and how to report abuse
  • 18 cyber-crimes and cyber laws
  • Preventive Steps and privacy controls
  • Concept of drugs, myths associated with drug & Alcohol intake
  • How alcohol & drug addiction begin
  • An insight into an addict’s brain
  • Details of alcohol related disorders
  • Details of different types of drugs abused such as —Opioids, Anxiolytics, hypnotics, Volatile substances etc.
  • Negative impact of alcohol and drugs on our mind and body
  • Role of peer pressure
  • Management, treatment and rehabilitation of an addict
  • How does a rehab centre work
  • Dealing and counselling family members
  • Handling secondary dependence in family members

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