Pearson Certified- Career Counselling Training



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Pearson Certified- Career Counselling Training

Why Should I Join?

· Certificate both from UPS and Pearson Career counselling is a well acknowledged field to and most people presently are open to seek career guidance

· There are very few qualified and skilled people working in this field providing the right kind of career services

· There are hardly any universities or institutes providing a genuine and a complete training in this much needed area that shall enable people to become professionally trained career counsellors.

· You shall an opportunity to get trained from the best trainers with an international certification of various career tests that are used worldwide and are accepted in all parts of the globe

· The right kind of training in this area will help you establish yourself as a free-lancer career counsellor

· It shall open your door of employability in top schools, private universities and institution with a lucrative pay scale. Concept of career

When can I Join

This training is available in the Month of

  • January (Last date of registration 31 December)
  • March (Last of registration is 28 or 29 February)
  • July (Last of registration is 30 June)
  • September (Last of registration is 30 August)

(Every Saturday 2 pm to 5pm of the month)

Mode: Offline.  Training at UPS centre only
What will I Get?

· Reading Material

· Practical Demo’s and role plays

·  Opportunity to work in real time at our clinic

·  Training in International Assessments

·  Best Trainers training you

Course Content

·  Difference between work, job, career

·  What is & what is not career

·  What is career planning

·  When does it start

·  Common errors made by most while choosing a career

·  Impact of incorrect career choices

·  Various 10 to 12 factors that are considered while arriving at the right career choice

·  Concept of mid-life crisis

·  Dealing with career conflicts

·  Process of education Abroad

·  Career testing—what is it, when to use, which test to use, why and how to use them

·  9 career tests to be taught with their administration, scoring, interpretation and report writing skills

·  Skill of combining various test results

·  Addressing and dealing with discrepancies

· Career counselling skills to deal with conflict between the child and the parent in this regard

· Various career options based on science, commerce, humanities and skill based careers


Additional information

Type of Training

1 Month Weekend, 5 Days

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