Graphology Handwriting Analysis

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  • Supervised Training 
  • Graphology Analysis Kit
  • Focus on Practical Skills
  • Quality Training
  • ​Guidance from RCI Registered Faculty
Get group discount of 10% if registering in a group of 5.


Why I should Join?

  • It’s a scientific method of knowing the other through their handwriting analysis
  • Is an add on when working in clinical, non-clinical, recruitment and corporate set-ups
  • Has significant applications in forensics & investigations
  • Get a detailed Graphological analysis kit too
  • Be a qualified graphologist and work as a free lancer
  • Graphology has wide applications both in India and Abroad.

Who Can Apply? – Anyone having knowledge written english language

What you will Learn? –What is Graphology;  Principles on which it is based; Graphological analysis and its dimensions; Clinical / Non Clinical /  Forensic / Organizational applications;  Doodle and signature analysis, Accuracy of  Graphology, How it can be used to improve Self.

For details and further discussion contact 09818359575

When can I Join? – There are two Batches per year

New Regular 2 weeks batch starting from 17 June 2019

  • February to April (Last Date of registration- 31January, 2019)
  • August to October(Last Date of registration- 31July, 2019)

There is two kind of batches-

Weekends-(Every Saturday 4pm to 6pm, it takes 3 months)

How to register?

There are two types of registration

Group Registration- If five trainee register in one go with full fee payment they will get 10% discount on total fee.

Mode of Conduction : 

Online / Offline- Online can be attended from anywhere and offline all classes will be held at the UPS Center in Delhi

What will you get?

  • Reading Material
  • Graphology Analysis Kit
  • Opportunity to work in real time at our clinic
  • Best Trainers training you
  • Certificate

Rs. 18,000 for group classes (Minimum 5 people)

Rs. 20,000 for individual/personal training

  • Graphology

3 Replies to “Graphology Handwriting Analysis

  1. One of the best and most useful skills anyone can ever learn! This is the most interesting course I have ever done, very interactive , exploratory and the best teacher!

  2. teaching skills are remarkable and have also received the kit that is a major help to any graphologist. looking forward for more courses. excellent work.

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