Internship – 15 days

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  1. It was a great learning experience for me at UIBS. The Internship was very beneficial for me and has given me alot of practical knowledge .The staff is very hardworking and co-operative. Highly recommended.

  2. very knowledgeable and interesting. The internship breaks the wall between theoretical knowledge and the practical practice

  3. The experience has been amazing. I’ve managed to learn so much of practical and application based knowledge which I don’t have access to in college. I plan on coming back and attending workshops and different courses.

  4. Its always a pleasure to do internship at UIBS. We get to learn about various therapies, counselling skills, different scales and much more. Would love to continue internship here again.

  5. I get to learn psychological testings, role plays, history taking, dealing with clients with different disorders and many more.
    This was a very good experience.

  6. It was a pleasurable experience .
    Learned a lot of things such as tests and case history .
    The things taught at this institute are beyond classroom learning and a all together new experience

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