Internship – 15 days

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  • Supervised Training 
  • Direct Case Handling
  • First Hand Psychological Testing 
  • First hand counselling Exposure
  • Supporting Theoretical Classes


15 Days Internship Programme

The details of the program are as follows:

The entire internship programme is broken down into the following components:

Part I

  • Adult History Taking
  • Child History Taking
  • Mental Status Examination

Part II

Focuses on understanding the dynamics underlying psychopathology

Adult psychopathology like anxiety disorders, mood disorders etc

Child psychopathology like ADHD, SLD, Autism spectrum disorders, Behavioral problems etc.

Focuses on therapeutic plan and management of these above mentioned disorders.

Part III

Focuses on psychological testing and report making. Interns shall be taught the following tests:

  • 16PF,

At the end of the internship the interns shall be required to submit minimum 5 long case studies, minimum 5 psychological assessment reports and basic management plan of minimum 5 therapeutic cases.

After successful completion of the internship program, the interns shall be given certificate for the same. They will also be given a letter specifying in detail, the skills and the concepts well learnt by the intern.

8 Replies to “Internship – 15 days

  1. It was a great learning experience for me at UIBS. The Internship was very beneficial for me and has given me alot of practical knowledge .The staff is very hardworking and co-operative. Highly recommended.

  2. very knowledgeable and interesting. The internship breaks the wall between theoretical knowledge and the practical practice

  3. The experience has been amazing. I’ve managed to learn so much of practical and application based knowledge which I don’t have access to in college. I plan on coming back and attending workshops and different courses.

  4. Its always a pleasure to do internship at UIBS. We get to learn about various therapies, counselling skills, different scales and much more. Would love to continue internship here again.

  5. I get to learn psychological testings, role plays, history taking, dealing with clients with different disorders and many more.
    This was a very good experience.

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