Life Skills Training



  • Supervised Training 
  • Focus on Practical Aspect
  • Quality Training
  • ​Guidance from RCI Registered Supervisor 


Life Skills Training

Why Should I Join ?

Life skills refer to various skills needed to enhance one’s IQ, EQ, SQ and Quotient of Success in one’s life.

· Life Skills are essential for all, be it children or adults to lead a successful life

· Training focuses on developing one’s knowledge and skills to impart, assess and enhance life skills of others

· After this training, you can work as a free-lancer life skills trainer

· Your chances of getting employed in reputed top notch schools or corporate set-ups with a good pay packages also increase

When can I Join

This training is available in the Month of

  • January (Last date of registration 31 December)
  • March (Last of registration is 28 or 29 February)
  • July (Last of registration is 30 June)
  • September (Last of registration is 30 August)

(Every Saturday 10am to 1pm of a month)


Offline. Training at UPS centre only.


What will I Get

  • Reading Material
  •  Practical Demo’s and role plays
  • Opportunity to work in real time at our clinic
  • Best Trainers training you
  • Certificate


Course Content

·  Concept of Life Skills

·  Their role, need, application and implications in being successful in life

·   Details of all the 10 life skills—self-awareness, empathy, communication, interpersonal skills, decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking, emotional coping, coping with stress

·  Ways to impart, develop and assess each of these life skills based on different age groups of children

·  Designing Life skill activities

·  Implementing life skills as per the age of the child within a school set-up

·  Application of Life skills in corporate and school Set-ups


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