Sexuality Education



  • Supervised Training 
  • Focus on Practical Aspect
  • Quality Training
  • ​Guidance from RCI Registered Supervisor 
Get group discount of 25% if registering in a group of 5.


Why I should Join?

These days young children are also seen to actively engage in sexual experimentation, teen pregnancies, HIV etc, therefore there is a strong need to address these concerns. Every child, parents and teacher seem to struggle with these issues. There is hardly any good training available.

This training has lot of scope both in India and Abroad and there are very few professionals working actively in this field. You can work as a freelancer or in top schools.

Who Can Apply? – Any graduate/ teacher/parent interested in the field.

What you will Learn? –What is it; associated myths and stereotypes; imparting sex education to toddlers and preschoolers; to primary school children; to adolescents; to young youth; concept of bodily changes; biological basis underlying sexuality; dealing with attractions; love, infatuation, relationships; types of sexual relationships; sexual abuse, its prevention, identification and management; sexually transmitted diseases; personal  safety; concept of reproductive health, reproductive hygiene, reproductive rights; and birth control.

For details and further discussion contact at 09818359575

When can I Join? – There are two Batches per year

  • February to April
  • August to October

There is two kind of batches-

Weekdays-(7 days at a stretch, 11am to 4pm Classes)

Weekends-(Every Saturday 2pm to 4pm, it takes 3 months)

How to register?

There are two types of registration

Group Registration- If five trainee register in one go with full fee payment they will get 25% discount on total fee.

Individual/Personal Registration-One person can register and he/she can choose their timing and days as per their convenience.

Mode of Conduction : 

Online- This training can be done online through video conferencing. Only requirement is to have internet and computer.

Offline- For offline person has to come to our centre in Delhi.

What will you get?

  • Reading Material
  • Opportunity to work in real time at our clinic (offline only)
  • Best Trainers
  • Certificate

Fees— Online/Offline 

Rs. 15,000 for group classes (Minimum 5 people)

Rs. 20,000 for individual/personal training

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