uniQuiz 2018


National Online Psychology Quiz 2018




22nd January 2019

The National Online Psychology Quiz by Unique Psychological Society and Services (UPS)

Registration open for Category “A” – 11th – 12th  Psychology Students

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we are challenged”

We believe in challenging and encouraging the ever evolving field of psychology among budding psychologists. We Challenge

  1. Theoretical Understanding
  2. Practical Skills & Application
  3. Creative Representation

1st Prize

  1. The Best Buddying Psychologist-2018’
  2. Rs. 11,500 (Cash Prize of Rs. 3000 + Worth Rs 8500 internship  free)

2nd Prize

1st Runner up Certificate 

Rs. 10,500 (Cash Prize of Rs. 2000 + Worth Rs 8500 internship  free)

3rd Prize

2nd Runner up Certificate 

Rs. 9,500 (Cash Prize of Rs. 1000 + Worth Rs 8500 internship  free)

Consolation Prize


The medals to all the students who score 90 or more & worth  Rs 8500 internship  free

Additional information

uniQuiz Category

Class 11, Class 12

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