Internship Starts from 1st and 15th of Every Month


Accommodation assistance available for out station students.

Psychology Internship Highlights

  • Supervised Training 
  • Direct Case Handling
  • First Hand Psychological Testing 
  • First hand counselling Exposure
  • Supporting Theoretical Classes

2 Months Internship

1 Month Internship

45 Days IGNOU Internship

240 Hours Internship

15 Days Internship

Internhsip for 11th & 12th Students

in Summer Vacations only

Summer Internship

in June only

Unique Psychological Society (UPS) is an organization run by two competent clinical psychologist, having rich and diverse work experience, registered with RCI. Psychology Internship programs give exposure in practical training in clinical settings. With the objective of developing skilled, knowledgeable and qualified psychologist who know the practical know how along with the theoretical knowledge. The training is provided using role plays, discussion, observation of patients, detailed case studies and closed supervision of the cases handled.

The program emphasizes on the practical aspects of clinical practice; the skills needed to be an effective counselor and a psychologist; skills needed for patient handling; deciding how, when and why to choose a psychological test; how to write a psychological report and basics of therapeutic process. In addition, some theory classes focusing on the basic concepts shall also be taken.

Psychology Internship programs are conducted all the six days in a week where young budding psychologists are giving exposure to various psychological disorders especially childhood disorder like learning disability, ADHD, behavioral problems etc. They are given exposure to psychological testing and therapeutic interventions. Interns shall also be exposed to the field of speech therapy and occupational therapy in addition to psychological interventions.

At the end of the internship the interns shall be required to submit minimum 5 long case studies, minimum 5 psychological assessment reports and basic management plan of minimum 5 therapeutic cases.

Terms and conditions of the Psychology Internship at UIBS
  • The internship is provided all the six days a week.
  • Interns are required to be regular and to come on time for their internship.
  • If they are not coming, then they need to inform at least a day in advance.
  • They shall fill their log sheets (which shall be given to them during the internship programme) on daily basis and shall get them signed by the concerned consultant under which they will be doing their internship.
  • Any act of misconduct shall be reported to the Head of the Department. The Unique Psychological Services reserves the right to terminate an intern in case of any misconduct.
  • Fee Details


Internship Maximum time allowed to complete the internship
15 Days 2 months
1 Month (30 days) 4 months
2 Months (60 days) 8 months
IGNOU Psychology Internship 240 Hours (45 days) 6 months
IGNOU Project Synopsis and Guidance 6 Months


  1. We recommend continuous internship for better learning.  
  2. Intern can choose their days as per their convenience.

Fee will be charged on day basis for the internship but intern need to complete the internship within maximum time allowed for that category