How to Choose Best Psychology Internships?

Psychology Internships-Think Beyond Books

Q1. What is internship in psychology?

Internship refers to a supervised practical training where one is exposed to different areas of psychology.An internship is an essential phase of any practical field as it is during internships that students get exposure to real life cases in addition to the theoretical knowledge they learn at their respective colleges.When it comes to psychology, it is often said that our patients don’t fall ill or develop concerns after reading books, thus emphasizing the need of practical internship.

Internship-1 Month

Q2. What is the aim of internship?

Internship aims at:
1. Enhancing practical knowledge of a subject.
2. Fostering skill development.
3. Deepening the understanding of why, when, where, which and how a psychological test needs to be administered.
4. Gaining an understanding of the therapeutic concepts.
5. Teaching report writing skills.
6. Giving an opportunity to interact with the clients but under supervision.
7. Enhancing the knowledge about how therapies are applied in real practice.
8. Sharpens the ability to make correct diagnosis with rationale.

Q3. How can I know which place is the best for me to do my internship?

The internship program of an organization which is ideal for any student to undertake
internship should have the following features:
1. Allows the intern to interact with the clients under supervision.
2. Engages in active teaching of counselling and therapeutic skills.
3. Explains the principles underlying various counselling techniques and therapeutic intervention.
4. Discusses various cases in detail with the idea of helping an intern understand.
why a therapist or a counsellor meant what he or she said or did.
5. Imparts training using active role plays and gives accurate and constructive feedback.
6. Provides concept clarity over what needs to be done and why.
7. Teaches why, when, where and how a psychological assessment needs to be done.
8. Trains interns in administration, scoring and analysis of various psychological assessment.
9. Allows interns to conduct assessment on patient but under supervision.
10. Teaches the art of writing and explaining the results of a psychological report.
11. Gives interns the freedom to question the therapist and get all doubts and questions answers.
12. Encourages interns to think out of the box and begin to think for themselves.

13. Gives exposure both under a registered licensed psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist.
14. Allows interns to observe or sit through therapy cases
15. Doesn’t involve interns in clerical tasks or keep them waiting for no reason.
16. Doesn’t only involve passive observation; as psychology is both a science and a skill that one cannot master till one does not have a hands-on-training.


Internship-2 Month

Q4. How is internship at UPS different from internship offered at other organizations?

Internship at UPS starts with the idea that each one of us has the potential to help not just them but make a meaningful difference in the lives of many others if given proper nurturance, training and guidance. Thus, with the idea of letting one to blossom to its fullest so that millions of people who need psychological help can receive world class, professional, genuine, authentic and ethical services.

The key highlights of Internship at UPS are:
1. Supervised interaction with clients:  Reading in books about what counselling is and conducting a counselling session are two entirely different things. The art of counselling can never be learnt, unless and until one doesn’t interact with a client.
That is why we, at UPS, allow and encourage interns to make good observations of the verbal and non-verbal aspects of the client, their family members and also permit interns to interact with the clients, but under supervision.
2. Imparting Skills: The theoretical knowledge of skills is one thing and knowing when, where, why and how to apply these skills is another thing. At UPS, the team of skilled and qualified professional actively teach interns various counselling and therapeutic skills.
3. Logical Explanations: Cases are discussed at length and interns are taught and explained why a particular therapeutic or counselling technique was used. This is likely to enhance one’s understanding of the therapeutic process itself.
4. Opportunity to Question and Learn: An inquisitive mind learns the most. Interns at UPS are encourage to question and think out of the box and discuss their concerns and share their inputs after they observe a therapy case with the clinical psychologist. All their queries are addressed and satisfactorily answered.
5. Role plays: One of the most effective ways of practical learning is through role plays. Various basic and advanced skills are taught through several role plays. Interns are encouraged and are made to participate in these role plays and are give accurate and positive feedback.

6.Concept Clarity: Intensive theoretical classes focussing on concept clarity are also held on regular basis.
7. Exposure to different therapies: Interns are also exposed to different therapies like CBT, REBT, Logotherapy, existential Therapy, dream analysis, aspects of client-centred therapy and psychodynamic based therapies.
8. Assessments: A psychologist should not only know about counselling or therapy but should also be skilled at assessments. Interns at UPS are taught about various psychological assessments, their administration, scoring and interpretation. Why, when and where a particular assessment needs to be done is also taught. Interns are also permitted to conduct assessments on clients but under supervision.
9. Art of sharing: Report writing skills and sharing their results is also an art. Interns are exposed to this too.
10. Adequate exposure: At UPS, interns are given lot of exposure to a variety of cases and to different modalities such as speech therapy, special education, occupational therapy, psychiatry and clinical psychology.
11. Ethical Practice: Professionals at UPS follow ethical practices and encourage interns to imbibe ethics in their practice and follow and maintain confidentiality.
12. No Clerical Work: Intern come at UPS to learn and sharpen their skills and are never made to do any clerical tasks.
13. Best Intern Award: To promote young minds to develop a learning oriented perspective and to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their practical skills, UPS every year also gives ‘The Best Intern Award’ to the interns who have performed par excellence during their internship period.

In short, Internship at UPS provides the wind below the wings for the budding psychologist so that they can sore and fly high and achieve great heights.

Q5. what kind of internship programmes are available at UPS?

Psychology Internship programs are conducted all the six days in a week where young budding psychologists are giving exposure to various psychological disorders especially childhood disorder like learning disability, ADHD, behavioural problems etc. They are given exposure to psychological testing and therapeutic interventions. Interns shall also be exposed to the field of speech therapy and occupational therapy in addition to psychological interventions.

At the end of the internship the interns shall be required to submit minimum 5 long case studies, minimum 5 psychological assessment reports and basic management plan of minimum 5 therapeutic cases.

Internship – 15 days

Q5. What kind of internship programmes are available at UPS?

At UPS, 6 types of internship programmes are available. The details of the same are as

These Internship programs are conducted all the six days in a week (10am to 5 pm) where
young budding psychologists are giving actively taught and given exposure to:
1. Case History tacking—Child and Adult
2. MSE
3. Adult and Child Pathology
4. Different Therapies
5. Psychological assessments
6. Psychological Interventions
7. Multi-disciplinary approaches like Occupational Therapy, Special education, Speech therapy etc.
8. Contemporary issues like sexuality education, internet addiction, adolescent concerns etc.
9. A Detailed Internship Booklet.
10. Postings at different Mental Health Set-ups.
11. And lots more…

At the end of the internship the interns are advised to submit minimum 5 long case studies, minimum 5 psychological assessment reports and basic management plan of minimum 5 therapeutic cases; as this is likely to help deepen their understanding of psychological concepts.

Summer Internship 2018 Clinical & Counselling Psychology

Accommodation assistance available for out station students.

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