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1 Month Weekend / 3 Days Regular Trainings

UIBS organize different skill oriented trainings to equip people with practical know how on different topics which makes them skilled and proficient in the area like psychological counselling & assessment etc.

3 Months Weekend / 15 Days Regualr Trainings

All 1 month & 3 months weekend program can be done in regular mode in 5 days & 15 days respectively. All the content, & Duration will  be same only. This suits to outsation studnets/people who can not come every weekend or they want to complete the training in vacations.

Why I should Join?

  • These trainings will increase chances of better employability in respective organizations like hospitals, NGOs and clinic etc.
  • There are hardly any short term programmes on part time basis that one can enrol to gain an in-depth understanding and learn practical skills.
  • These training will help you set up your own centres.
  • This training has lot of scope both in India and abroad and there are very few professionals working actively in this field.

Who can Join?

  • Sexuality Education program can be joined any graduate/ teacher or parent interested in the field.
  • Graphology Training can be joined by any graduate person.
  • Forensic Psychology training can be be joined by psychology, law, journalism & forensic science students.
  • ASD, LD & ADHD training can be joined by psychology students, special educators interested parents having children with disorders can also join.
  • All other courses can be joined only by UG & PG Students of Psychology

When can one join?

3 Months Weekend

Two weekend batches in

  • February to April
  • August to October

Classes on Staurdays 10am - 4pm including theory & practice sessions

15 Days Regular

And two regular batces per year in

  • June
  • December


1 Month Weekend

Starts in January, March, July & September

5 Days Regular 

  • June &
  • December

Classes regularly on given dates from 10am - 4pm including theory & practice sessions


Mode of Cunduction

Online- Only graphology training can be done online through video conferencing. Only requirement is to have internet and computer.

Offline- All other trainings are offline, person has to come to our centre in Delhi.

For any query call 9354686038 or mail at