UIBS Membership Plans

We are happy to announce the UIBS Membership Plans, here in this blog will discuss all the benefit of the membership plans.

What is Membership Plan?

Keeping affordability in the mind UIBS planed to launch the membership for their students, so that more and more students can take the coaching without thinking about the affordability. In these Membership plans student can pay monthly fee and can get the all the benefit of the coaching and they can discontinue at any point of time.

Benefit of Membership Plans

  1. Affordable Monthly Fee
  2. Online Live Classes
  3. Recorded Classes
  4. Mock Tests
  5. Chapter Tests
  6. Resources Link
  7. 50% Discounts on Hardcopy
  8. 50% Discount all future and existing course of UIBS
  9. Discontinue at any time

Types of Membership

UIBS launched the 3 Memberships plans

  1. NET Psychology Membership
  2. M. Phil Clinical Psychology Membership
  3. M. A. Psychology Membership

How to opt for membership?

  1. Go website www.uibsdel.org
  2. Click right side corner for membership plan menu
  3. Select the right membership for you
  4. Then fill all your credit card details and submit for checkout
  5. After that complete your payment
  6. After deduction of the fee your membership will start
  7. Each month there will be deduction of fee from your credit card
  8. If you want to cancel anytime go to you membership account and cancel the member ship before the next date of fee deduction.
  9. You can again take the Membership at any point of time.

Keep learning keep growing

for any other details call 9899375790 0r mail at info@uibsdel.org

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