Give wings to your psychology career

uniJob is an initiative of UIBS which connect people searching for job in the field of psychology and employers. UIBS also train the students as per need of hiring organization. UIBS also take workshops and webinars of psychology students to enhance the skills and employability of psychology studnets.

Skill Building

Empowring the Students


Job Seeker to Employer


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Free Webinars

Attend our free webinars using your smart phones, tablets and laptops on topics like career counselling, how to prepare yourself as psychologist, how to prepare CV, pramoting yourself etc with our experts.

Get Training & Assitance

Get discounts on our paid certificate trainings like advanced counselling skills, drug deaddiction traning, school Counselling, career counselling, get good jobs or strat your own work with our assitance.


How to Register ?

  1. Register using register now button as if now there is no fee.
  2. Prepare CV using guidelines given below, and upload when filling the regsitration form.
  3. CV will be reviewed by our team and we will confirm you registration by mail.
  4. In case of any query please contact at info@uibsdel.org
  5. incase of requirment at any place you will be informed for the same.

Guidelines to Prepare CV

Your CV should include the following headings in PDF format. That you have to upload after confirmationv of your registration from our side.

  • Contact information. Include your full name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Academic history. List all schooling from high school through postdoctoral (if applicable). Include the title of the degree you earned, the year you graduated and the name of the school.
  • Professional experience. Include the organization where you worked, the job title, the dates you were employed and summary of your experience and achievements.
  • Qualifications and skills. List a combination of hard and soft skills you’ve developed throughout your career.
  • Awards and honors. For each award, add the name, year received, the organization that gave you the award and any pertinent details (such as how often it’s presented).
  • Publications and presentations. For publications, provide a full citation including your co-authors, date, summary, volume, page, DOI number. For presentations, provide the title, date and venue where you presented.
  • Professional associations. List the organization’s name, location or chapter and the dates of active membership.
  • Grants and scholarships. Provide the name of the grant or scholarship, date awarded and the institution that provided the award.
  • Licenses and certifications. Include the name of the license or certificate, the date you earned it and the institution that awarded it.

For any query please conatct mail as info@uibsdel.org