What do clinical psychologists do?

Hello everyone this is regarding the most asked question among students, what do clinical psychologists do? In other words job profile of clinical psychologists. Before undressing what do clinical psychologists do? We should understand that who can be clinical psychologist in India.

Who can become clinical psychologist?

If you want to help others. If integrity and ethics are important to you. You can become a clinical psychologist. In India degree required for becoming licensed clinical psychologist is M. Phil Clinical Psychology or Professionals Diploma in Clinical Psychology or PsyD from RCI Approved institute. Minimum 4 (MA of 2 years + M.Phil of 2 years) years of education is require to become a clinical psychologist.

Job profile of clinical psychologist.

Clinical Psychologists work with clients having emotional and behavioural problems in their life. Their main work is to

  • identify the problems
  • assess the individuals
  • help them to understand the problem
  • developing the treatment/ management plan for them
  • Doing research and publishing the research
  • Supervising and Guiding the interns at clinical setting

Where clinical psychologist work?

They work in different settings depending their interest

  • they can work in hospital settings in psychiatry, paediatric, oncology, surgery, cardiology and other departments ect
  • they can open their own clinic independently
  • they can work in project of different government departments
  • they can also work in NGOs, Projects of WHO, UNDP, UNICEF etc

How much they earn ?

Depending on their skills and where they work they can earn INR 25 thousands to 2.5 lakh per month.

if you want to know anything else and want to take up the career in Clinical Psychology contact us at

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