Which Course PsyD, M.Phil or Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology is better?

Hello aspirants of M.Phil Clinical Psychology

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Today I was discussing with few students and parents who came to me for M.Phil preparation classes, that which course will be good for them PsyD, M.Phil or Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology. I thought, I should write on this topic so that other students also can get benefit out of it. Lets understand the nature of all these clinical psychology courses.

First of all they are professional degrees and diploma courses, till few years back, there was only M.Phil in clinical psychology. Later RCI introduced other two courses (PsyD and P D Cli Psy).


1- PsyD (Doctorate in Psychology) – 4 years – Duration for Lateral entry for candidate already having M.Phil Clinical Psychology – 2 Years

PsyD is full time 4 years course – Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology is grounded in the practice-oriented practitioner-scholar model of professional psychology. Clinical training is central to Psy.D.The program is committed to assisting the trainee in developing thee essential knowledge base, attitudes, and therapeutic skills necessary to function as a professional clinical psychologist and as a trainer. Psy.D. program is of four years duration divided as Part I, II, III and IV. During the first three years, candidates in their clinical placements gain experience participating in a variety of service settings including out-patient, in-patient/residential, brief care,out-reach and community services. Supervision is provided by the qualified, doctoral level clinical psychologists on the faculty. Later in the program, they undertake a year-long full time rotation internship with the supervision by a professional clinical psychologist who may or may not be faculty member.

2- M.Phil In Clinical Psychology – 2 Years 

The aim of this course is to prepare the trainee to function as a qualified professional Clinical Psychologist in the areas of mental and physical health by offering Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Rehabilitative, Administrative services, and to work towards promoting the well-being and quality-of-life of individuals.

3- Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology – 1 Year

The aim of this course is to train students with acceptable level of competency to offer the basic mental health services such as identifying and diagnosing mental health problems in different populations, and intervening with appropriate counseling and psychotherapy/behavior therapy techniques while applying relevant code of conduct and ethical principles in all his/her activities. This cadre of professionals has been created, as emphasized earlier, to fulfill the acute shortage of trained personnel in mental health field. The Diploma qualified professionals are expected to contribute as an expert and specialist in the multi-disciplinary team setting, and undertake the services activities as (1) Interview and diagnose mental health problems (2) Carryout psychological assessment (Intelligence, Developmental abilities, Academic skills, Adaptive and Social Maturity, Personality, Diagnostic and Clinical Ratings) (3) Carryout Psycho-education, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Behavior Therapy (4) In all of the above (1 – 3) apply code of conduct and professional ethics.


Which course is best ?

Atul Verma – Clinical Psychologist

PsyD is a new course, till now offered by two institute only, so there is a limitation of seats and is not offered by top ranking institution like NIMHANS & IHBAS which has good number of patients and faculty. If you want to get degree which sound like the same as UK and USA then go for the same and it may help you in US and UK, in case you have any plan to work there in future. There is an other drawback that you have to pay good amount of fee, so be ready to pay around 70 to 90 thousand per semester may be more, as both the institutions offering course are private. So if you are ready to pay good amount of fee and want Professionals nomenclature as UK & USA go for PsyD.

M.Phil Clinical Psychology is oldest, tried and tested courses offered by private and government both institutions, having highest number of seats across India, takes only two years and plus point is most of government Institute give adequate amount of stipend for the same like NIMHANS (25000), GMCH & IHBAS (12000) etc. So if your not fascinated to put “Dr” prior to your name immediately,after your course and you don’t want to spend much on training without compromising your training quality then go for government institutions which is bit difficult to get in because of competitions. For lesser completions you can choose private one with extra amount of fee and no stipend.

Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology is the shortest of all but after that you can not work as faculty of clinical psychology, you may have some other limitation as discussed in earlier and you will be called Clinical Psychologist Associate. If you don’t have much time or having other responsibility, want to practice only Clinical Psychology you can go for the same.

Hope that will help you people.


Atul Verma

M.Phil Clinical Psychology (IHBAS)

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12 thoughts on “Which Course PsyD, M.Phil or Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology is better?”

    1. There are only two place one Amity University and other is Sweekar, Secuandrabad both are almost same you can choose anyone.

  1. Mousumi Mohanty

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested to get a RCI License to practice in UAE. Currently I am leaving in Abu Dhabi. I am masters in psychology from Utkal University-1997 batch.

    Kindly advise the best way to obtain a license by doing some course or etc.

    Mousumi Mohanty

  2. I am from Kerala and I have done MA in Clinical Psychology from IGNOU. I want to practice as a clinical psychologist but I know I need the RCI license to do so. Instead of doing MPHIL, can I do a diploma in Clinical Psychology and receive the license. If so,please guide me on the university or college to pursue this from in Kerala .Thank you

    1. Yes you can do Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology. That is available at Sweekar, Sikandrabad, SGT University, Gurugram, Amity University, Noida, Lucknow University Lucknow

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